Controversial Study On ME-Patients Receives Ethical Approval

Lightening Process

By MElivit.


On November 10th 2020, English health authorities published a draft of a new set of guidelines for ME/CFS. It is confirmed that ME is a physiological disease, and it is advised against therapy and exercise as treatment. It is especially warned against the Lightning Process (LP). Read more here: English health authorities reject therapy as treatment for ME and here: The Guardian: Fatigue syndrome: Exercise therapy loses NICE recommendation

The Regional Committees for Medical and Health Research Ethics (REK) have now approved a controversial Norwegian study in which 120 ME patients are to be treated with LP. The decision, dated November 16th 2020, states that:

“After an overall assessment of the project application and feedback, the committee believes that the participants’ integrity and welfare are well safeguarded, and that the project will be able to produce new, socially useful knowledge. Provided that the conditions below are complied with, REK considers that the project is justifiable to carry out.”


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Link to Lightning Process Trial story

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