Could We Finally Have A Definitive Biomarker For ME/CFS ?




From ME Research UK.


It’s a recurring theme, but the diagnosis of ME/CFS is severely hampered by the lack of a test that can distinguish people with the illness from those without. This is a challenge in many diseases, but particularly in ME/CFS which affects so many different systems of the body.

ME/CFS is currently identified by the presence of specific signs and symptoms, but there are several different criteria in use, and much debate over which are the most precise or appropriate. The quest for a biomarker is therefore a top priority since an accurate diagnosis is essential for patients to receive the medical care they need.

Generally speaking, biomarkers are measurable substances or processes in the body that can indicate the risk, presence or severity of a disease, or how well it will respond to a specific treatment.

For example, a high white blood cell count may indicate the presence of an infection, while raised levels of prostate-specific antigen in the blood are associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer.


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