COVID-19 & The 2nd Wind Blows Into ME/CFS



By Jennie Jacques.


I have a keen interest in what happens to our body after severe infection, particularly viral infection. And I would like to start my article by highlighting (with gratitude) ‘New Scientist’ who have pre-warned us, “Viral infections have previously been linked to problems with long-term fatigue symptoms. For example Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) which is also called myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME)”

The level of disability and suffering experienced by those with ME/CFS is difficult to put into words; patients are bedbound, housebound and in severe cases are left completely incapacitated. I am not writing this article to frighten people – it’s purely to educate and to ask everyone to start raising awareness for ME/CFS, now. We don’t want to address this issue too late. Because it generally takes at least six months after infection, in order to diagnose ME/CFS, the concept in relation to COVID-19 is only just starting to trickle in but my prediction is that this has the potential to snowball.

Due to the lack of research funding behind ME/CFS illness it will continue to mystify our top doctors for much longer than six months. That’s a fact, not a prediction. But if we can promote the awareness for ME/CFS now, then perhaps what’s to come can be prevented.


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