Critical Illness – A Dreadful Experience With Scottish Provident


This is a story by ellie43 from the Money Saving Expert’s website.  Although a few years old now, it still makes an interesting read.

“If you are considering taking out CI cover you may wish to bear in mind my experience.  My policy is ‘own occupation’. I first became ill in 1999 when I did not fully recover from a bout of flu. I was initially given a ‘working diagnosis’ of depression, undertook graded exercise therapy (GET), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and was prescribed 6 different anti-depressants. As early as 2001 my GP notes indicate that ME/CFS was suspected. Also I reduced my hours at work to 20 hours a week, but my symptoms of physical and cognitive fatigue worsened.  By April 2004 I was too unwell to work at all.

In June 2004 I saw a NHS Clinical Champion with over 20 years experience who diagnosed severe ME/CFS and stated that it was very unlikely that I would be able to work again. In June 2005 I was awarded Ill Health Retirement as a result of the disabling effects of ME/CFS.  In the Autumn of 2004 I made a claim under my critical illness policy with Scottish Provident.  This was the start of a nightmare lasting over 5 years. SP sent a psychiatrist to ‘assess’ me who diagnosed depression, even though he said in his report I was not depressed when he ‘assessed’ me. This psychiatrist has claimed training in the field of ME/CFS but when repeatedly asked where this training was undertaken has refused to respond. This psychiatrist recommended concurrent CBT/GET and further antidepressant therapy.”

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Link to Money Saving Expert article

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