Devastating ME Leaves Teen Girl “Unable To Leave The House”



By Luke Traynor in The Echo.


A 17-year-old girl has become virtually housebound because of ME, which at its worst leaves her unable to lift her head from the pillow.

Rosie Halsall has suffered from the illness since she was nine, and last properly attended school in Maghull in 2014.

The teenager now has a bedroom on the ground floor of her parents’ home because she is often too weak to make it upstairs.

Also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the condition leaves Rosie in a wheelchair and unable to walk or stand unaided.

In 2016, she spent six months in hospital as the illness ravaged her body.

She told the ECHO: “At my worst, I was completely bedbound, unable to lift my head from a pillow, spoon-fed, unable to sit at any further than 30 degrees without fainting.


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