Diesel – 10 Facts You Need To Know



By Andy Harris, Motoring and Property Editor in The Yorkshire Times.


This March, British car buyers registered almost a quarter of a million new diesel cars – an all-time high. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reveals why they are so popular – and the important role they can play in helping improve air quality in towns and cities, and in tackling climate change.

1. In 2016, a record 1.3 million new diesel cars were registered in the UK, up 0.6% on the previous year – a trend that’s continuing in 2017. In March, more businesses and consumers chose a new diesel car than in any other month in history, with almost quarter of a million leaving showrooms.

2. Diesel is critical to reducing CO2 emissions, which in turn is tackling climate change – diesel cars emit, on average, 20% lower CO2 than petrol equivalents. In fact, since 2002, diesel cars have saved 3.5 million tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere.

3. Almost one in every two new cars registered in the UK is a diesel, with buyers valuing their high performance and low fuel consumption. On average, diesels use 20% less fuel than like for like petrol models, and with diesel drivers typically covering 60% more miles, lower fuel bills are essential.


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