Dietary Advice For Bedbound ME/CFS Patients: Protein





By Dr Courtney Craig.


Dietary protein requirements for the average person are about 0.8g/per kg body weight/day per the U.S. and European standards. That equates to about 67-114g per day for men, and between 59-102g per day for women. Adequate dietary protein allows for:

  • Repair of tissues and cellular proteins: a daily necessity for normal physiology

  • Synthesis of important proteins by the liver: including transport proteins, which move hormones, minerals, and other important components through the blood

  • Immune cell regeneration: synthesis of new immunoglobulins and antibodies

  • Blood: generation of the blood protein hemoglobin which carries oxygen in the blood

In chronic illness, protein demands increase due to the body being under constant physiological stress. Stress hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine, degrade existing proteins and inhibit creation of new ones. Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress can inhibit the activity of important enzymes involved in protein synthesis. Degradation of existing protein and inhibition of new protein creation can detrimentally affect every system of the body, worsening the chronic illness.


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