Disability Comes With An Extortionate And Shocking Price Tag

Samantha Renke


By Samantha Renke in the Metro.


Do you ever get the feeling you’re being ripped off?

Paying over the odds is something every disabled person encounters. Time and time again, we are faced with eye-watering prices for ‘basic’ products and equipment that are labelled as ‘disability’ or ‘specialist’ but have a price tag that is often extortionate.

On average, one in five disabled people incur extra costs of £583 per month, with almost 25 per cent looking at more than £1000 extra. This price tag is calculated after welfare payments designed to meet those costs have been taken into account.

Society seems to be charging the disabled community for the right to be independent and participate fully.

The attitude seems to be that we won’t spend billions to make the world a more accessible place to live, yet we will still charge you a premium and if you can’t afford it, well, tough luck.

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