Disabled Actress Samantha Renke – What Does Accessibility Mean To You ?

Samantha Renke

By Samantha Renke in AccessAble.


With almost 14 million disabled people living in the UK and as the fastest growing minority group, creating a world that is more accessible has never been more prevalent. Not to mention that excluding the disabled people from the consumer market is a big financial mistake as disabled people have a combined spending power of £249 billion.

Under the Equality Act 2010 all service provides are required to ensure that disabled people can access their service, and that pre-emptive reasonable adjustment” must be made to allow this. However, what may be reasonable for me as a wheelchair user may not for someone that has a visual impairment or learning disability.

Accessibility can mean so many things to so many different disabled people, that’s why it’s vital to listen to a cross section of disabled people to fully meet their access needs.


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