Disabled People Are Relying On Crowdfunding To Get Wheelchairs

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From Disability Rights UK.


Dr Hannah Barham-Brown, has told the British Medical Association’s annual representative meeting that “hundreds of patients” were fundraising online for their wheelchairs – and that she was one of them.

The junior doctor, who has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (which means her joints dislocate easily), said:

“I had to crowdfund my wheelchair halfway through medical school when I was told that it was going to cost around 2,000 to get this chair and the NHS were able to offer me a 140 voucher or an NHS chair which weighs up to 20 kilos and is very bad, and not remotely ergonomic.

That was ultimately going to do me more harm than good so my best friend set up a crowdfunding page for me and managed to raise 2,000 in 24 hours. The standard NHS chair can weigh up to around 20 kilos and it’s very poorly designed – it’s not remotely ergonomic. NHS chairs are very heavy and very hard to manoeuvre easily. In terms of public transport, I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere in an NHS chair unless there was someone with me helping me. You need to be pushed.”


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