Disabled Students Like Me Rely On Funding At University. Now It’s Been Cut



By Alice Roberts Dunn in The Guardian.


University life can be tough for students with a disability. It’s not just stairs that can be a challenge: anything from transporting heavy books to taking notes in lectures can be impossible for many attending university. Help is available, in the form of a funding stream called the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA), but due to funding cuts announced earlier in December, this will soon change.

The DSA is money which a disabled student can access after an application and assessment. In many cases, the money isn’t given directly to the student, but instead funds adaptations made by the university to help them. This can include anything from employing note takers for deaf students and screen reading technology for blind or visually impaired students. It can also pay for a helper to aid a wheelchair user like me to get around campus.

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Link to disability story in The Guardian

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