Disabled TV Presenter Abandoned For 45 Minutes On British Airways Flight Forced To Slide Headsets Down Aisles To Get Cabin Crew’s Attention



By Sophie Morgan in The Independent.


Television presenter Sophie Morgan is calling on airlines to offer concessions for disabled travellers after she was left without means of moving “short of dragging herself along the floor” on a British Airways flight.

Ms Morgan, who was paralysed in a car crash when she was 18 and uses a wheelchair, was left unassisted for 45 minutes during a 12-hour flight from Buenos Aires to London Heathrow with no means of contacting a flight attendant.

The Channel 4 Paralympics presenter said she called repeatedly for help on the 9 June service, to no avail. “Two to three hours into the flight, I rang the call button as I needed a glass of water to take some medication,” she told The Independent.


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