Disabled Workers Paid 12% Less, ‘Damning’ UK Official Figures Show




By Patrick Butler in The Guardian.


Disabled people continue to face prejudice in the workplace campaigners have said, after latest government figures showed they were paid on average 12.2% less than those without impairments, equivalent to £1.48 an hour.

According to Office for National Statistics (ONS) data, the median pay for disabled employees in 2018 was £10.63 an hour, compared with £12.11 an hour for their non-disabled counterparts.

The disability pay gap was widest for people classified as having a mental impairment – defined by the ONS as depression and anxiety, mental illness, nervous disorder, epilepsy or learning disability – who earned an average of £9.82 a hour.

People with a physical impairment faced a pay gap of 9.7% (earning £10.90 per hour) while those with other impairments – defined as including cancer, HIV and multiple sclerosis – faced the narrowest gap, at 7.4% (£11.18 per hour).



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