Disease Like ‘Living Death’ Means Mum Can Only See Toddler Son A Few Minutes A Day



By Tom Belger in The Echo.


A young mum feels like “living death” because of a debilitating brain condition that means she can only see her son for a few minutes a day.

Bed-bound Sophie Cooklynn, 21, from Bootle, said it was heartbreaking that severe ME had made her toddler Lucas’ touch and voice too painful to tolerate.

She is forced to wear dark glasses and earplugs and struggles to move her body at all, as it triggers pain “like you’ve been poisoned”.

She decided to speak out about the reality of her condition as she said some people saw her as “lazy” and failed to understand ME.

The complex disease is reported to affect around 250,000 people in the UK – and can be mild or extremely serious in its wide-ranging symptoms.

Former photographer Sophie said only a few a years ago, she had felt fit and healthy and hoped to launch her own pet portrait business.


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