Dog Whistle Medicine And Disability Denial


By David F Marks.


Here I review the corporate connections of the Wessely School with the insurance industry. The picture featured above shows the cover of a book edited by Peter Halligan and Mansel Alyward alongside a similar cover from the UnumProvident annual report of 2002.

Imaginary conversation

Imagine the conversation, which must have gone something like this:

Unum executive: Hi, how are you Mansel?

Aylward: Nor bad, thank you, I think I’ve got my ducks in a row with the university and the department.

Unum exec: Oh, great, your funding applications are being given serious attention.

Aylward: That’s wonderful, is there anything more I can do in return?

Unum exec: Well, yes, please keep plugging that biopsychosocial model thingy. Would be very good for our customers and, umm, well, yes, the profit margins of the company.

Aylward: Well, yes, sure, that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re full steam ahead on it at the DWP also. We’ve got a new book about it coming out very soon.

Unum exec: Great. How about the book cover? Can you make it the same as our 2002 annual report?

Aylward: Well, yes, I’ll have to check with the publisher, of course, but I’m sure we can manage something quite similar.


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