Embrace The Darkness And Learn To Settle Down For The Night



By Chris Longden in The Yorkshire Times.


At last, the mainstream media have been following my scribblings en masse and have decided to invest the BBC’s money into investigating whether my sage advice on parenting and lifestyle in general is as wonderful as we all know it to be.

Only joking.

But I do have to say, that it was smashing to see a couple of schools in Yorkshire stick their hands up and volunteer to be guinea pigs for ‘Panorama’ – which wanted to find out more about the effects of sleep deprivation on children, youth and their families.

I know from bitter experience that some kids are ‘natural born sleepers’ and others are wakey-babies. Child number 1 of mine never had those 2-3 daytime naps that they tell mothers of newborns to expect. In fact, she wouldn’t sleep at all in the daytime. And when you live in the middle of Namibia and there’s no one on hand to help you with this complicated little bundle of joy, you only have three answers to the problem. Dump the kid on the doorstep of someone else. Go insane. Or adopt some revolutionary tactics.

We chose the latter. And, as the second kid arrived, we noticed the effect that too much telly had on the pair of them (child number 1 morphing into a zombie, child number 2 into the devil incarnate.)


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