Emerging Insights #1: McGregor’s Grand Conception Of ME/CFS

Emerge Australia


By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


This is the first in a series of blogs that report on the recent EMERGE conference in Australia. The different conference format – which allowed for long presentations – allowed the presenters to dig more deeply into their topics than usual. Longtime Australian metabolomics researcher Neil McGregor took full advantage of this opportunity to give his grand conception of what’s going on with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS).

Neil McGregor reported that Ron Davis challenged members of his Working Group (of which McGregor has been a part) to develop a hypothesis.  It’s rare in my experience – quite rare – that: a) researchers are challenged to do this; and b) they accept the challenge and then publicly present it.

Most conference presentations consist simply of presenting data from a study.  Sometimes researchers even feel the need to inform the audience what ME/CFS is.  (Why, why, why?) Much of the talk is then filled with methodology and, their fifteen minutes in the public eye almost up, they squeeze in their results at the end, then leave the platform – the implications of their findings unstated.


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