Ending The Somatization Myth In ME/CFS (Or “Who’s The Deluded One Now” ?)


By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


Ronald Reagan said to Gorbachev, “Take down that wall!” and it did ultimately fall.  The ME/CFS version of that might be, “Get rid of those stubborn psychiatric ideas!” It’s a cultural problem.  The authors pointed out that anytime a physician sees a patient with unexplained fatigue, their default diagnosis is likely to be a psychiatric illness.

This study will probably bring them little joy. Three longtime ME/CFS researchers have just produced another nail in the coffin of a psychiatric interpretation of ME/CFS.

Gudrun Lange, a clinical neuropsychologist, and Benjamin Natelson (the first author), a neurologist, have worked and collaborated together on everything in ME/CFS from brain imaging to exercise to cognition for over two decades.  Elizabeth Unger, the head of the ME/CFS research effort at the CDC, was the senior author on the study.


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