Endometriosis & ME



By Vivien Steeles in M.E. Support.


My Experience

I’m in contact with many people with M.E., both by e-mail and letter, and it is such a lonely disease with many people not being diagnosed properly or given any help even today. I had to give up my job of teaching and lecturing in 1986/7 and now spend any energy I get on writing (mainly poetry – my passion, but also short stories and articles) and painting, which I’ve always done, but ironically I can now spend more time doing the things I love most.

I was supposed to do an M.Ed. in Human Relations at Nottingham University from October 1990, but I had to give up my place due to ill health. They kept my place open for me the next year, but I was never well enough to do it. I wanted to become a counsellor.

M.E. is really a rollercoaster of an illness. For about 11 years until 1997 I used to run a self-help group and was a counsellor for women with Endometriosis (allied to the Endometriosis Society), a condition I had had since Christmas 1980; it started together with M.E. and an underactive thyroid after a very bad upper respiratory virus from which I never recovered.


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