Essentials For Getting Out And About As A Wheelchair User




By Soph in Mummying and M.E.


Out on a shopping trip recently with a good friend, she suggested I put together a list of the things I’ve learnt to be essential when getting out and about.

You see I’ve always been fiercely independent, not thinking twice about the ability to leave the house, pop to the shops, buy a few bits here and there, seeing friends. However, when M.E. hit, these things became drastically more difficult. The energy required to do each of these things was severely limited and therefore I had to work out what to do about it.

Pushing myself beyond my limits did not work (and is actually dangerous for those with M.E). Staying curled up at home did not work, purely because it does not do well for my mental health. Deciding to hire a powerchair was a lifesaver. I could suddenly leave the house without having to get in the car (and all that involves) and most importantly, I could get my desperately needed fresh air.


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