Everest – 13 May 2017

Potala Palace
ME Awareness Flag Update from the group heading to Everest Base Camp for The York ME Community / Invest in ME !
“Here it is on display inside the Potala Palace in Lhasa, built in 7th century and home of Dali Lamas and the centre of local Tibetan Government. Has over a 1000 rooms. Just after this we were approached by Chinese officials who confiscated the flag, obviously with hindsight westerners openly displaying and photographing a flag inside such a highly politically sensitive area was a bit suspect and ignorance on my part.
Anyways eventually they allowed me to continue with the tour. At the end I went back to try to collect the flag but main entrance was closed, there was me in a ludicrous position of banging my fist on the Dali Lamas main door shouting “hello, hello” anyone home” no one answered, only advice I got from a colleague was “pretend you are planting something and I bet the police come running” not entirely wise.
Anyways found a side entrance and a surprisingly helpful security guard, they confiscated 4x flags that day but couldn’t find mine. Eventually they got it, returned it and wouldn’t accept a tip so all good and faith in human being truly restored.”
More updates to follow as I hear back from the guys !

Updated: 10th November 2017 — 4:09 pm

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