Everything You Need To Know About The Dirty Dozen 2017



By Karen Reed in Positive Healthwellness.


When it comes to buying fruit and vegetables, you hear all about how organic is best if you want to avoid pesticides, insecticides, GMO products, and chemicals. The problem is organic is expensive for many. Do you need to buy everything organic?

You can get the best of both worlds. It turns out that there are some fruits and vegetables more likely to be covered in pesticides than others. Certain ones will have more residue and will have more pesticides within them.

There are two lists that you want to pay attention to the Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15. These include the vegetables and fruits that have the most and the least pesticides on them. And both lists change yearly based on current results and findings.

The Dirty Dozen is made up of (as the name suggests) 12 fruits and vegetables. Unsurprisingly for many, they are mostly foods that you will eat the rind or skin. This is because the residue sticks to the skin rather than pushing through to the fruit. If you’re going to eat the skin, then you’re going to get more of the residue.


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