Fatigue And M.E.



Sorry if you’ve seen this before, but there are times when you just want to shout out loud to get the message across as to what the ‘fatigue’ in M.E. is actually like…..

Fatigue And M.E.

I have a worry on my mind
That spins my head around
It causes grief, it’s beyond belief
And an answer must be found

It’s about a word that’s used a lot
A word filled with intrigue
Not beat, not weary, not tired or wired
But that bleedin’ word fatigue !

It’s one to use after a busy day
Round the shops, or out at play
It’s what will fade with a bit of rest
But to explain M.E. ?…….. I do protest !

My trouble with this word is that
It’s not my biggest pain
It’s other things that clip my wings
And cause my life to wane

Light and sound is all around
And cause me endless grief
Background noise and kids with toys
Take my legs from underneath

Each bang or crash or background sound
Makes my head just spin around
To a normal soul it’s just a noise
To me it’s pain, an energy drain
Not something that just annoys

What we have is not fatigue
It’s the body closing down
Looking to protect itself
Trying not to drown

All these things I list above
Drain the spark from all our lives
You will see us wilt, our vigour spilt
Right before your eyes.

The wheels might still be spinning
But the gears just disengage
Our circuit’s fried, our system’s died
We’re trapped within a cage

The pain that rises, still surprises
It comes from oh so deep
There’s a silent shout
As nerves cry out
And stops any thought of sleep

I lose my senses one by one
My speech and sight has gone
I fail to hear, thoughts unclear
All my nerves are torn
All resources taken flight
I’m left with just my pilot light

So I say to you, the caring few
Is that the fatigue that you go through
Is your world wrapped in a bruise
Is this a life that you would choose ?

It’s time to lose that awful word
To link to M.E. is just absurd
Let’s get rid of that name fatigue
Out the door, it’s time to leave

Is Alzheimer’s just forgetfulness
I don’t think that’s the case
So fatigue no more explains our plight
So let’s ban it without trace

So the question left Is quite sincere
Where the hell do we go from here ?
To have M.E. is bad enough
Being looked down upon is pretty tough
We need awareness of our plight
Banish this word with all our might

So as I end this hopeful plea
I feel it’s just so clear to see
We have to drop the term fatigue
Let it be known by its name…..M.E. !

By Bill Clayton
© 2019

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