Feeling Powerless In The Face Of Another’s Unsolvable Suffering Can Lead Us To Turn Away But Actually You Can Always, Always Help



by Lucy Mayhew in Medium.

Seven years ago all semblance of functional life was eviscerated when my health collapsed. I am wary of outlining my circumstances because someone wise once told me humans can’t deal with more than three lines of self-pity without the counter-balance of some kind of redemptive conclusion. My story does not provide that.

There is no headline-grabbing drama or bravery to my ongoing battle to regain my life; no against-the-odds happy ending and the breakdown of my body is internal so it doesn’t yield any attention grabbing pictures. But I ask you to read on because if you have ever felt helpless in the face of another’s messy suffering your distress at their distress will likely lead you to forget the potently powerfully way you can alter their situation for the better even when you can’t fix it.

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Link to Disability story

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