Film Review: Darkest Hour

Darkest Hour


By David Gritten in SAGA Magazine.


It’s tempting to wonder how the cinema world would have coped this past year if not for films set during World War II. There’s been Christopher Nolan’s majestic Dunkirk, of course, and Churchill, starring Brian Cox having a gallant stab at playing a troubled, hesitant Winston.

And now comes Darkest Hour, with Gary Oldman playing Winston Churchill just after he becomes prime minister, finding himself widely disliked in Parliament and up against political opponents all too ready to appease Herr Hitler. It’s directed, with a great deal of verve, by Joe Wright, who himself has form with this historical period – one of the highlights of his superior 2007 film Atonement was a bravura sequence that showed the chaos and misery on the beach at Dunkirk in a single five-minute tracking shot.


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