From Fight/Flight To Neuroinflammation: Explaining The “Functional Pain” In Fibromyalgia And ME/CFS ?


By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


There’s neuroinflammation and there’s the stress response. Recently, we saw Mackay and Tate propose that neuroinflammation in ME/CFS and FM was linked to a whacky stress response centered in the hypothalamus.

In 2018 Chinese-Duke University collaboration suggested that the stress response and neuroinflammation are linked as well, although in a different way. The appearance of these hypotheses and findings is good news given that neuroinflammation appears (but has not been definitively proven) to be present in these diseases, and evidence suggests that the stress response is certainly off.

Studies suggest that the activity of the “fight or flight” (sympathetic nervous system) response is increased and/or that the activity of the “rest and digest” (parasympathetic nervous system) response is decreased in ME/CFS and FM.


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