From International Traveler To 43 Square Meters: An ME/CFS Story From Sweden

Anne Ortegren


By  in Health Rising (2014).


(Anne’s is a difficult story but it’s a good story in a way because it demonstrates the full force  of this illness. Anne’s story is reminiscent  of Jenn BreaJamison Hill and Mary Dimmock’s son’s stories. Each was a young adult with not just a good but perhaps an extraordinary life ahead of them, only to be struck down suddenly by this illness. 

It’s also a cautionary tale from a formerly very active young woman who came down with a seemingly innocent cold and paid a severe price for taking her doctors advice to push harder and then was abandoned by the medical profession.

Thanks to Anne for allowing Health Rising to publish her moving story originally published as “My ME/CFS Story: Report From a Stay At Home Prison” from her book “Trött är fel ord” (Fatigue is the Wrong Word))

I keep banging on the prison cell walls. Can anybody hear me?

I am trapped. How did this happen? How was my active life transformed into imprisonment in a two-room apartment? How did I end up in this state of confined isolation and perpetual torture? And will there be no end ?


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Link to ME story

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