Gaslight was a movie in 1944
Before that film it was a term
that had never been heard before

It told a terrifying tale
Of one man and his wife
It told of how his cruelty
Destroyed a lady’s life

He spent his time convincing her
That she was losing her mind
And all that he was doing
Was treating her so kind

The gas lighting in their house
He would cause to fade and glow
Denying that it did of course
But little did she know
That he was doing other things
That made her doubt that she was sane
But if you didn’t know before
It’s where ‘gaslighting’ gets its name

It’s used to undermine you
To have you second guessing
To doubt what you believe is true
To have them guarding you, a blessing

There is such cruelty in this act
And yet it’s alive and well
Booming in the medical world
Creating a patient hell

Those with M.E. will know it well
The rolling eyes will help you tell
That your GP will use the words
“It’s in your head”, we know to be absurd

It may be a lack of training
Or too scared to admit
They just don’t know the answer
So they declare you well and fit

This seems to be the norm
To the symptoms on display
Our doctors in the main
Hear our symptoms with dismay

They haven’t kept up with research
Or let their closed minds grow
Closed to seeing, that our very being
Has suffered a hammer blow

We’re tired of being doubted
Why can’t they understand
Why would we give up our active lives
And the adventures we had planned

Every symptom we feel
Is so damn real
We retreat to darkened rooms
All that we ask is respect when we say
We have an illness that consumes

We aren’t benefit scroungers
Malingering our way through life
Don’t be mistaken, we grieve what’s been taken
Each loss cut out with a knife

We don’t expect you to know it all
But you aren’t bigger when making us feel small
If you say you don’t know, we’ll respect you more
Rather than ushering us out through the door

So don’t stand behind your ignorance
Because we will keep on fighting
Listen to your patients, ‘cos we’re losing patience
We’ve had enough gaslighting

Bill Clayton

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