Genes, Mitochondria, Autoimmunity And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Alan Light Talk




By Cort Johnson in Health Rising.


Dr. Light has said that he wants to do for fatigue what researchers have done for pain; that is uncover the molecular pathways that cause fatigue.  Some time ago Light presented one of the most spectacular graphs of ME/CFS ever done. I still remember the gasp that filtered through the IACFS/ME conference when Dr. Light showed the slide below . It showed the levels of molecular receptors associated with fatigue and pain skyrocketing after exercise in white blood cells.

The healthy controls are on top and the ME/CFS patients are below. It was even worse than it seemed. In a 2011 Bateman Horne Center video, Dr. Light explained that the differences were so extreme that he had to transform the data into log scale format in order to fit the graph on the page.  The expression of some genes was 10 times greater in the ME/CFS patients as in the healthy controls.


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