Getting Back On Your Feet After An Illness


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From The Little Lifestyle Blog By Keira.


I’ve recently started talking  about my experience with M.E (chronic fatigue syndrome) and we have barely scratched the surface of that topic but right now I’d like to talk about how I went from bed ridden to where I am now, I’m not saying I am completely fine, but things are better than they were before and here are my personal tips .

  • Excepting that you are ill and it’s not your fault

It’s natural to feel down about your illness but you must except that it is not your fault that you’re ill and you, can’t help it. it’s important to come to terms that you won’t be able to just jump back up and be the same person as before with the same lifestyle. Life gave you a bad card but your still alive and can do things you love but excepting that things have to change and are going to be different is a big step to getting back on your feet.

  • Change your surroundings

This was very helpful to me! When I was bed ridden, my bedroom was like a prison and as I became better it still reminded me of those times, I’d highly recommend changing your bedroom. Changing the wallpaper or colour, rearranging or buying new furniture anything to change your surroundings. If you have the budget move to a new place but changing the space that you spent the most time in when you were ill will help immensely.


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