Government’s New Benefit System Wrongly Denies Disabled People Support At Higher Rate Than Ever

Benefit Cuts


By May Bulman  in The Independent.


Successful appeals brought against DWP by disabled people denied PIP benefits are higher than ever, with 68 per cent of appeal hearings found in favour of the claimant.

The Government’s new benefit system is wrongly denying disabled people financial support at a higher rate than ever, new figures show.

Decisions by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) not to award Personal Independent Payment (PIP) are now overturned at 68 per cent of appeal hearings, with 14,188 cases found in favour of the claimant between July and September this year.

Successful appeals brought against the DWP over Employment Support Allowance (ESA) have also soared in recent years, with the proportion of cases found in favour of the claimant at 67 per cent in the last quarter, compared with 62 per cent in the same period last year and 58 per cent the year before.


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