Graded Exercise Therapy Causes Harm In ME/CFS. Everyone Knows That, Right ?




From The Self Taught Author Blog by Clark Ellis.


What is patently obvious to the majority of ME/CFS sufferers is not at all obvious to most others. It is not obvious to NHS staff. It not obvious to academics and politicians. It is not obvious to the public.

There are many reports of GET causing harm to ME/CFS patients. I myself was harmed by GET and you can read my brief story here on #MEAction. These accounts are not without value but the problem is that these reports are anecdotes, individual cases which have not been formally validated.

Patients are not seen as reliable witnesses when it comes to the treatments they themselves experience – at least not until a qualified academic validates that experience. But I don’t want to moan about that here, I see the need for pragmatism; we have to work within this reality to expose the harm GET causes.


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