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There’s no doubt, electronic devices have made human communication faster, brought a mind-boggling amount of information to our fingertips, and have made getting directions a whole lot easier than ‘turn right where the old mill used to be…’.  While this increased access is amazing and convenient, it might also be leading us away from an important human activity: handmade creation.

Here at Scrapbook.com, over the last 6 months, we’ve researched extensively the effects of screen time (time spent on digital devices) and conversely, the positive effects of crafting and other handmade creativity. We’ve read books and scoured studies and we even conducted our own survey of over 1,500 people to try and understand it better. The resulting data is presented below in a comprehensive – and fun – article. Without giving too much away, this article will likely change the way you think about crafting – and screen time – forever.


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