I’m sure you know the feeling
I’m sure you know the score
Hit with ME, you soon get to see
How things are not as before

I hoped my friends would stay with me
I seriously thought they would
I thought that they’d care
And would always be there
Through the bad as well as the good

I asked them all to keep in touch
As ME took its hold
Didn’t think it was asking much
But friendships soon went cold

They said “Just give me a call”
“We’re always here for you”
But my hope reaching out
Was they’d give me a shout
But those words just didn’t get through

Like leaves on a chilly autumn day
A wind blew a little and they fell away
Seems they’re fair weather after all
I’m sure real friends wouldn’t fall

As yet, not one has been in touch
It’s not too great to find
That even with those
I thought were close
It’s out of sight, so out of mind

Words they do come easy
Actions it seems less so
Promises broken,
No one has spoken
And that has been a blow

I take a call to stop the ringing
The noise, it pains, ears are stinging
Really hope that it’s worth taking
But once again I’m mistaken

Hopes built up a pal would call
Setting myself up for another fall
Another salesman selling his tat
To him I’m just another stat

I won’t come begging
Don’t have the strength
Even if I did
I wouldn’t go to that length
Still time to re-think your position
My friendship is a limited edition

I may have lost friends
But none of my pride
You’ll be missing out
On one hell of a ride

My journey’s not over
It’s just gonna start
And you’ve missed the chance
Of playing a part

I won’t be backing away from life
No dodging of challenges here
ME I’ll face, put back in its place
Without you my ‘friends’, nor fear.

So as we go our separate ways
I’m looking forward to better days
No time lost in looking back
I’m gonna get my life on track

But if one day you get in touch
Or find you are in need
I’ll welcome you with open arms
Your cry, you know I’ll heed
For your one wrong I won’t lose sight
Of all the things you did so right

This world does not keep us long
So while we’re here, let’s be strong
Let’s be here for one another
Bear no grudge, with friend nor brother
Be the best that we can be
Me for you, and you for me.
By Bill Clayton
© October 2018

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