Honorary Fellows And DwME Leadership Cited, Highlighting The Medical Profession’s Move Towards Belief And Support

Doctors With ME in The Guardian.

Doctors with M.E. Honorary Fellows and Leadership were quoted extensively in a recent article article about post-viral disease by Christina Frangou. Published in the Guardian, the article has been well received by experts in the field and is entitled“‘I felt betrayed’: how Covid research could help patients living with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Research into long Covid is in its infancy but, so far, the condition appears remarkably similar to ME/CFS.  “Every cloud has its silver lining. For me, the increased focus on post-infectious fatigue syndromes is a silver lining in my mind around the terrible dark cloud that is the pandemic of Covid,” said Anthony Komaroff, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, during a press briefing.

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