How A Relapse Of ME/CFS Caused Me To Develop Anxiety



By Clare Rudderty in The Mighty.


I’m going to tell you something only my husband, parents, sister and one friend know. Why would I share such a secret with thousands of people? Well, I hope having the courage to do so helps some of you know you’re not alone in your experiences. So, here goes.

I have anxiety.

I know for some of you that may not sound like a big deal. Some of you are already fabulous at opening up about your mental illnesses. That’s not me; well, not until now.

Why have I kept quiet about my anxiety until now and not told even some of my closest friends? Two reasons, I think:

Firstly, I don’t want it to detract from my primary illness – ME/CFS. I don’t want people to get confused. The reason why I can’t work, the reason why I’m housebound is due to ME, not anxiety.

Secondly, I’m embarrassed. Yes, there it is. I know being ashamed of mental illness and hiding it only goes to raise the stigma that surrounds it. So, it is time to make amends.


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