How COVID Long-Haulers Might Renew The Focus On Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Jad Sleiman in WHYY.

said it was no surprise that some subset of those infected with the new coronavirus just stayed sick because that kind of thing has always happened.

“So if you look at all the different viruses that have occurred … from the Spanish flu (of) 1918 to Ebola, …  to SIRS, a certain percentage of people don’t recover,” Jason said. “That’s what we’re interested in: why is it that some people don’t recover from a wide different host of viruses that have occurred over the last hundred years?”

Jason works with a community suffering from a disease many experts believe has a viral trigger. It’s a baffling condition with a wide range of symptoms.

A relentless tiredness

“The fatigue is profound,” said Kim Carlson of Minneapolis. “It’s like wearing a suit of armor and the floor is a magnet.”


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