How Nature And My Dog Changed My Outlook On Illness




By Jack Croxall in Allies Everywhere.


Growing up in rural England I was obsessed with the outdoors. Bug hunting, fossil collecting, and pond dipping were what I spent most of my time doing. But, during my time at university (living in the city of Nottingham and then in London), there wasn’t as much opportunity to get out in nature. Once I became ill with CFS, I moved out of the concrete jungle and back to the countryside.

Back home, I was virtually bed-bound and so my outdoor excursions were limited. But, oh, how I looked forward to them! Just being able to get out in the sun, to look at the trees, to listen to the birds sing, and maybe even see a butterfly or two. Sadly, when I say my excursions were limited, I really mean it. On a good day I could walk for maybe two minutes before having to turn back. And there are not many places you can get to in two minutes. It was only after more than a year of spending most of my time in bed that I finally managed to walk for five minutes. And five minutes was a huge, huge deal.


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