How To Come To Terms With The Limitations Of Your Illness



By Anne Marie Morgan in The Mighty.


To say that there is a stigma in our society surrounding the word “can’t” might be the understatement of this century. Popular slogans tell us to “Just Do It,” and to, “Sleep when you’re dead.” Modern lifestyles push us to take on more and more, and we are seen as weak or strange when we are unable, or do not want to do so. Admittedly, one of my favorite quotes is Yoda’s admonition to, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

For me, this mindset comes from my innate, aching passion for life. It’s fueled by a deep craving for greatness in everything I do. It’s what makes me intense, driven, competitive, and hardworking. It’s what gives me unlimited potential. And it’s also what almost killed me.

I’ve heard a number of health practitioners state that their sickest patients, the ones who are the most challenging to unravel and get well, are those who are high achievers, accomplished and driven. Is this because these people’s genetics are truly different than others? Maybe. Or because somehow they respond differently to their environment than those who don’t end up as sick? Quite possibly. But I think many people end up as sick as they do because they don’t come to terms with their “can’t” until it’s too late.


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