How To Deal With A Moth Infestation In Your Home



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Spring has mercifully arrived, but warming temperatures also mean an increase in moths, capable of ruining your favourite jumper, dress or jacket. Here’s an expert’s guide to dealing with a moth infestation. Step 1: dispose of infested clothing If your battle with moths is well under way and they have already invaded your wardrobe and drawers, Dan Sharp from Moth Prevention recommends being ruthless with any clothes you might not want.

“If clothing is damaged the first step is to remove any clothing and actually to be quite brutal and chuck away anything that you really don’t want to keep.” Step 2: wash or freeze infested clothing For clothing you do want to save, Sharp recommends two courses of action. “Anything you do want to keep, wash it on a high temperature – about 60 degrees – that will kill any eggs or larvae. “If it’s something delicate like woollens that you can’t wash on a high temperature we’d recommend tying that up in a bag and popping it in the deep freeze for 72 hours, that will get rid of any eggs or larvae.”

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