How To Defrost Your Car Like A Scandinavian

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By Carlton Boyce in SAGA Magazine.


I know what you’re thinking: Defrosting your car is easy, surely? A quick squirt of your de-icing libation of choice and you’re good to go. Or are you?

Well yes, that’s fine when there’s nothing more than a light dusting of ice but when it’s really cold – and I’m talking sub-zero temperatures, a thick layer of concrete-like ice on the glass and a few inches of snow covering the rest of your car – you need something more.

You need to know how to defrost your car like a Scandinavian !

What you need

The only two things you really need are a decent de-icer and a window scraper. I prefer a pump-action bottle of de-icer because then I’m not paying for any propellant but I’m notoriously tight-fisted and you may prefer the ease of use you get with an aerosol.

Either way, please don’t buy individual cans of it from your local petrol station. I buy a tray of 12 from my local farm store for just over a tenner – and that’s for the good stuff, too. (It’s not worth buying the really cheap stuff even if you’re as mean as me because it’ll be water based, which means it will freeze again quite quickly after you’ve applied it. Dangerously quickly, in some cases.)


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