How To Treat A Person With Chronic Illness – A Step-By-Step Guide

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By Jaime from her ‘I Told You I Was Sick’ Blog.


If you have a friend with chronic illness but don’t know how to talk to them, it’s OK. You’re not alone. When you’re healthy, trying to get inside the mind of a person who is always in pain can be confusing. In order to understand chronic illness, you’re going to have to step outside your comfort zone.


That’s why I created this step-by-step guide. It will help you understand how to talk to someone with chronic illness (including what to say and what to avoid saying) and the best way to help us without making us feel worse.


Step 1 – Believe Us

There is nothing more important than this. If you don’t believe we’re really sick, following the other steps will be pointless. Being believed and validated is invaluable because we’ve been called a ‘hypochondriac’ more times than we can count.


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