How To Understand CFS Crashes in 5 Minutes Or Less




From the Sweet Briar Sisters website.


If you have a friend with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome you’ve, no doubt, heard about how she’ll crash after an eventful day.  But hearing about such a thing and understanding it are two very different things.  What amount of activity is ok and what isn’t?  Does she crash all the time or only every once in a while?  How can you make sure that you aren’t the cause of one of her crashes?

The answers aren’t always simple, but it can help to understand a little more of what’s going on.  I created the following image to explain what it feels like.  It’s not based on science (though there are studies showing  what’s going on, but they are way harder to understand than my cute little pictures!), just based on my life.  For those of you who ever wondered what my life is like- here it is as best as I know how to describe it.  I do these calculations every single day.


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