I Want To Work Out But Most Gyms Don’t Cater For People Like Me

Samantha Renke

By Samantha Renke in the Metro.


I remember sitting in the cafeteria of my first ever job in London.

I’d moved down from a quintessentially Northern, rural town to pursue the bright lights and see what the capital had to offer.

As I sat nibbling on my peanut butter sandwich, I asked the lady opposite what she was eating.

‘It’s a kale and quinoa salad.’

‘Yummy,’ I replied as I frantically Googled what the heck kale and quinoa was.

It soon became apparent that healthy living was a big part of people’s lives here.

I’d never seen so many gyms; there was one on every corner and it felt like everyone went to pilates, yoga and spinning classes after work, instead of the pub for a cheeky pint.

I had a bad case of FOMO and I wanted in.


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