Ibiza: What It’s Like Raving In A Wheelchair On The Party Island

wheelchair crowd surfing


By Alex Taylor in BBC News.

A year ago, I was told I would have to pay double to get into a nightclub in Ibiza.

Why? I have cerebral palsy, a condition which affects mobility, and rely on a carer to help me on nights out – who also needed to pay the entry price.

I received an apology from the club, Amnesia, but have things really changed for disabled clubbers on the party island?

This summer, I returned to Ibiza for Newsbeat’s latest documentary Ibiza: Access All Areas?

Here’s what I learned about raving in a wheelchair:

1. I travel like the Royal Family

If you use a wheelchair or have any kind of mobility issue, airlines offer special assistance to help you board the plane. Since I can’t walk unaided, this is quite helpful.

It meant I got to travel through the airport like the Royal Family – being escorted by a car topped with flashing lights.

On the plane itself, my poor balance means I had to be transported to my seat in a blue chair which has wheels.

I reckon I probably looked like a poor man’s version of X-Men’s Professor Charles Xavier.


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