Immune Cell Metabolism Altered In ME/CFS

Scientist using a microscope

From NIH Research Matters.


ME/CFS is a complex, poorly understood disease. Symptoms can include fatigue, chronic pain, problems thinking and concentrating, poor sleep, and gut problems. These symptoms often worsen after physical or mental activity that wouldn’t have caused a problem before the illness. This is known as post-exertional malaise.

About a quarter of people with ME/CFS become house- or bed-bound at some point. Scientists don’t know what causes the disease. This has prevented the development of effective treatments.

Whether or not specific microbes—such as a virus—may play a role in ME/CFS is not well understood. Recent research suggests that the immune system is involved in ME/CFS. In particular, researchers are interested in metabolism—how energy is produced and used—within immune cells.


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