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This is the first interview of my new blog feature – “Interviews with people living with ME/CFS.” The idea is to interview people living with ME, and gain an insight into their lives, to help raise awareness and increase understanding of this disease. You can read more about it here.

Without further ado, here is my interview with David who has severe ME.

Tell me a bit about yourself. 

I am David Bridger, 61 years old, and I live in Devon with my wife and the youngest of our three daughters and our lovely old dog, Elvis, who is a Dog de Bordeaux/Chocolate Lab cross. Our two older daughters have four young children between them, a boy and a girl each, and we often have our grandchildren around here. I am severely affected with ME.

When did you first become ill with ME/CFS? 

I caught ME after the 1991 Gulf War, when I was a patient in a military hospital. A respiratory virus swept through and knocked medics and patients flat. As far as I know, everyone was infected, but I think I’m the only one who never recovered. My best guess to explain this is that I’d spent the previous three years working in an region where I’d experienced repetitive stomach upsets treated repetitively with antibiotics, so although I was physically strong and fit I believe my immune system was compromised. Anyway, I remained partially paralysed for the next several months, and then fully bedbound for several years after the onset of ME. Looking back, in April 2018, I calculate that over the 27 years of my illness I’ve averaged 99% housebound, 75% bedbound, and 100% in constant pain with varying degrees of severity.


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