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A new update for the research projects being performed and planned at the UK Centre of Excellence for ME hub in Norwich Research Park brings the total raised so far for projects there to £195,000.

Along with the other funds we have established the charity and supporters have raised in excess of £700,000 for biomedical research into ME.

This research funding and the UK Centre of Excellence concept are important for the future of all people suffering from ME, as well as their families.

It offers a long term strategy to address the problems with this disease at a time when establishment organisations are still ignoring the scale and the severity of the disease.

By offering a hub for research into ME for UK and Europe, with international collaboration and better information about the disease, then this will allow serrious and coordinated research to be performed and effective treatments developed and will also provide the means to remove the misinformation which is too often peddled by the media about ME.

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