Invisible Or Visible: There’s No Wrong Choice



By Lisa Alloto in Chronic illness: Realistic Optimism Blog.


Depending on the situation or who we are interacting with, we may portray ourselves in different ways.   We often strive to be the person we need to be to achieve optimal success in the moment.
In some situations, we may find ourselves to be the planner, the delegator or leader.  In other situations, perhaps in areas or with people we are less familiar with, we may find ourselves being more introverted, a follower, or an observer.   All are essential roles and equally valuable.
Life with a chronic illness is much the same for a variety of different reasons.  Each day, each encounter we have, we have the opportunity to choose what version of ourselves we wish to show.  While there is no shame in showing our symptoms to the outside world, many of us choose to make them as invisible as possible when we leave the confines of our home.  For us though, that means more than just putting on a smiling face. It often comes at a cost.   Whether we choose to bear that cost is something for each of us to decide.


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