It’s Time to Be Real About Myalgic Encephalomyelitis



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Invisible illnesses are a funny thing, because if you’re honest about them then it’s often perceived as being negative, and if you’re being positive about them 24/7 then really you’re just lying. So with that, this post might come across as negative to a few of you, but I’d rather be real about it. Otherwise, what’s the point?

It’s not all bad, myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) has taught me many things for which I’m very grateful. But having a chronic health condition is in no way a pleasant experience and I wouldn’t wish ME on anyone. The symptoms and severity differ greatly from person to person, so please note I’m not trying to speak for everyone here. This is all just from my own experience, and even that changes on a weekly, daily and hourly basis.

The name “chronic fatigue syndrome” is utterly ridiculous, because along with it comes countless comments of “I’m tired too” and generally leads to the conclusion that we’re just a bit lazy. In reality, ME comes with an intense and overwhelming exhaustion far beyond what any healthy person can imagine. It’s being so exhausted that you physically cannot move, at all. You can’t lift your head, you can’t use your hands, and you can’t form a coherent sentence. And that’s without even doing anything. Sometimes I just wake up like that, and it doesn’t ease off.


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